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    PErsonal productivity and Digital collaboration

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    message and information overload

    On a daily basis we receive, sort and send to and fro a bombardment of messages. Via Email, WhatsApp, Social Media, Teams, Zoom, Slack, you name it. The list gets longer day by day. We have traded actual productivity for immediate response times.


    The increasing number and variety of formats undeniably amounts to stress. In working and in personal life. It’s time absorbing and often very frustrating. And it’s piling up too! Strangely enough though the technology is developed to increase our productivity, it often seems to achieve the actual opposite. Message and information overload! Work stress!

    Isn’t that an expensive way to waste (precious) time?
  • Get out of the message jungle

    Very few of us have received tutoring and training in managing our (increasing load of) messages. We’ve sort of evolved with the technologies and have been drawn into their many pitfalls. In modern business email ranges from a top three stress creator to a highly ignored medium. 


    Richard Wolfe has created a few simple tools to help you find easy ways to make technology work for you as opposed to against you. He has dedicated himself to helping people use and control email and manage their messages easily and productively. With a large bonus: more time to do what really matters.


    My mission: to fill the void in knowledge of managing messages productively

  • Let us train you

    For the past decade Richard and his co trainers have trained and helped many companies and their workforces in getting their email and message management act together. In assisting them to embrace the personal productivity principles and diminish work stress.


    Companies range from Samsung, L’Oreal, Nederlandse Hartstichting, Patagonia, Accenture etc. Richards' training courses are widely enjoyed and put into practice by many people (in 15 countries) and are rated among the best in his field.

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    Training, public speaking and coaching on digital skills

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    WOLfe & Wolfe

    Together with his brother and cousin Richard recently founded a professional development company that helps organisations upskill their people on leadership, collaboration and tech. Richard is an expert on personal productivity and digital collaboration tools, often as public speaker. His passion for computer science and user experience drive him towards projects on the future of UX, AI and us, as in the human beings creating and enjoying value from tech.



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    The Speedmailing Training is aimed at helping to deal with the daily deluge of Email. In group (and individual) training sessions we clarify how to get and stay on top of tasks, with less time wasted on processing, tracking, and finding messages. Each session equips participants with handy tricks to simplify and speed up daily email processing. The end result: (always) an empty inbox, a much clearer overview of to-dos, and many more hours spent actually getting things done on a daily basis.


    The workshop and book Speedmailing helps you to do just that, showing you how to turn managing email into a simple skill rather than a daily burden.



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    Braintoss APP

    Braintoss is rated among the top apps of 2021 in Apple's App Store. It's a simply brilliant tool for everybody on the move. Speak, snap or type your thoughts, ideas, images and receipts and Braintoss will send it to your inbox. Braintoss helps you capture what you need to do or remember.



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    Amsterdam Cricket Academy

    The Amsterdam Cricket Academy is a multi-facility first class academy. It assists cricket clubs in the Amsterdam region with coaching junior and senior players of all levels. The Amsterdam Cricket Academy also organizes promotional events for schools and companies to get a fun introduction to the game of cricket or simply enjoy a day in the outdoors and follow the game.



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    You Would Like To Contact Me

    Richard Wolfe is an experienced and engaging trainer and speaker. Contact Richard for workshops on personal productivity and digital collaboration.

    • Teach your brain how to deal with messages, tasks and distractions
    • Best practices on how to improve the "culture" of email and chat
    • Collaborate better in shared mailboxes and with team collaboration tools
    • Be effective using tools like Trello, Monday.com, Notion and Braintoss
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