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    Public speaker, author and trainer on simplifying your digital life

    Richard is fascinated with how we create technology to increase our productivity and then often seem to achieve the opposite. He has a passion for finding easy ways to make technology work for us rather than against us.


    After business school, and many years in the internet industry, Richard decided to dedicate himself to helping people use email. Because of the problems it created in our society, email ranges from a top three stress creator to a highly ignored medium.


    Richard was born in Australia and grew up in the Netherlands. He is a pursuer of simplicity, which is reflected in the courses provided by his company, Email Handyman, the productivity app he developed called Braintoss, as well as the many life-hacks he inserts into the lives of his family, colleagues and fellow cricket players – and now also through his first publication, Speedmailing.

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    Email Handyman

    Email Handyman helps people more effectively deal with their daily deluge of email. Our individual and group training sessions show people how to get and stay on top of tasks, with less time wasted on processing, tracking, and finding messages. Each session equips participants with handy tricks to simplify and speed up daily email processing, resulting in an empty inbox, a clearer overview of to-dos, and more hours spent actually getting things done on a daily basis.



    Amsterdam Cricket Academy

    The Amsterdam Cricket Academy is a multi-facility first class academy assisting cricket clubs in the region of Amsterdam with coaching junior and senior players of all levels. The Amsterdam Cricket Academy also organises events for schools and companies to get a fun introduction to the game of cricket or simply enjoy a day in the outdoors.




    Speak, snap or type your thoughts & Braintoss will send it to your inbox.


    Braintoss helps you capture what you need to do or remember and sends it straight to your inbox. Now you can immediately get it off your brain but not forget about it!




    New research from McKinsey shows that we spend nearly one-third of our working hours reading and answering emails. A further study in the USA by Good Technology revealed that 50 per cent of working adults check email while still in bed!


    Email is a supposedly simple tool, yet few of us receive training on how to manage it successfully. Now a new book, Speedmailing helps you to do just that, showing you how to turn managing email into a simple skill rather than a burden. Speedmailing quickly trains you to implement useful habits and shortcuts that enable you to deal with the content of your emails faster and more efficiently.



    Also available in Dutch!

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    (spoken in Dutch)

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    Richard is an experienced and engaging speaker, who you can contact for workshops or lectures on

    • Teaching your brain how to deal with email, tasks and distractions
    • Best practices on how to improve the "culture" of email
    • Challenges around shared mailboxes and team email
    • How to be effective using tools like Trello, Scannable and Braintoss