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Turn Your Work Enemy into Your Best Work Tool

New research from McKinsey shows that we spend nearly one-third of our working hours reading and answering emails. A further study in the USA by Good Technology revealed that 50 per cent of working adults check email while still in bed!

Email is a supposedly simple tool, yet few of us receive training on how to manage it successfully. Now a new book, Speedmailing helps you to do just that, showing you how to turn managing email into a simple skill rather than a burden. Speedmailing quickly trains you to implement useful habits and shortcuts that enable you to deal with the content of your emails faster and more efficiently.

The author, Richard Wolfe, is known around the world as the ‘Email Handyman,’ running successful workshops for professionals with his unique method of speedmailing. Richard has a passion for finding easy ways to make technology work for us rather than against us. After business school and many years in the internet industry, Richard decided to dedicate himself to helping people use email, one of the most ubiquitous technologies around today.

Speedmailing is an easy to follow, simple and straightforward guide which teaches you the basics of speedmailing in less than 30 minutes. The method can be used on any platform and device and is quick to implement. It gives readers 5 simple steps to process incoming mail, four action folders and three golden rules.

Some of the surprising tips and shortcuts Speedmailing reveals include:

  • turning off your pop-up email notifications on all devices  – these are counterproductive and actually distract us from the task in hand
  • processing your email just twice a day  – go from top to bottom and process all your emails in one go, giving it your undivided attention
  • use the two minute rule –if you can deal with an email quickly, then deal with it immediately
  • use the 80÷20 subject rule - clarify at least 80 per cent of your email's content in the subject line
  • urgent emails do not exit

Whether you're lazy or just want to be more efficient, speedmailing will save you time, giving you the freedom to spend your days the way you choose.

Richard Wolfe is an experienced and engaging speaker, and is available for interview, comment or by-lined article on topics such as:

  • How to master your inbox in five simple steps
  • What is speedmailing and what are the ground rules?
  • How to  tackle your inbox after a summer holiday
  • 5 bad email habits that are making you inefficient at work
  • The do’s and don’ts of speedmailing
  • How to use complementary productivity tools like Trello and Braintoss

Speedmailing by Richard Wolfe is out now, published by Pearson, priced £9.99.

Also available in Dutch!

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