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The new features make Braintoss even better and simpler at ensuring your thoughts don’t get lost

For most people, it comes as no surprise that the current always-on lifestyle isn’t beneficial to the brain. Distractions are everywhere and we feel busier and more stressed than ever. Feeling this way tends to make our memory worse. We’re becoming more forgetful. When we are in a less stressful environment, ideas flow freely and we feel more creative and focused.

But making sure these thoughts stick with us in a multitasking environment is tricky. We simply forget them or they pop back up again when we don’t want to, say when you’re trying to sleep. Braintoss solves this problem. It is a simple app that doesn’t distract. What is it's single goal? Save those small tasks and great ideas for later.

The Braintoss app, made by the author of Speedmailing, Richard Wolfe, is now even better with features like sharing your thoughts direct from other apps, transcribing voice memos in the email and optical character recognition (OCR) for pictures, documents, and receipts. The app recognizes the text and adds that to the reminder, making it even better at recollecting the thought. Now available for iOS and Android to boost your everyday productivity and ensure you get more things done.

Brain relief

One of the reasons Braintoss works so well is because it extends the brain’s capacity and empties out it’s working memory. It helps you switch tasks quickly and efficiently so you can get on with your work after saving your idea or task. It reliefs the brain of temporarily stored thoughts, reducing the cognitive load and freeing up your mind. When you have less on your mind, you are able to focus more and be better at the things you want to do.

All of this is nice, but your thoughts need to find a way back to you at a later point, whether it’s something for your to-do list or a mind blowing idea. This should ideally happen at a moment of your own choosing for it to be really effective. We want to have them stored in a convenient place, one that doesn’t require you to learn new habits. For almost everyone this place is their inbox. Because that’s the place we are already used to visiting every day.

By having all your thoughts in one place, Braintoss helps you in figuring out a routine to build those all-important to-do lists and save great ideas. Just work your way through your email and never again will a thought get lost. Instead, you’ll reencounter and remember your ideas, process them and have them ready when you need them.

About the founder Richard Wolfe

From the 90ties on the founder of Braintoss tossed his brain in any way possible, whether it was hacking his own work phone to send himself voicemails or using services that wrote out his voice memos and faxing or emailing them back to him. He has always been trying to get more things done, but unfortunately there was never an app or tool that really fit his need, so he decided to build the ultimate live hack himself. Resulting in the Braintoss app many people use to be more effective.

Just got best capture tool I've found for iPhone, Braintoss! Smartly simple design by 10yr GTDer. - David Allen (@gtdguy)

Braintoss exploits the same principle as leaving something on the doormat if you want to take it to the office: identify the bottleneck in your life where things already do receive your attention, then put what really matters there. - Oliver Burkeman (The Guardian)

Everything that you still need to do is unfinished and therefore comes back like a boomerang. With BrainToss you capture the things you need to do, and therefore keeping your mind empty. In essence, it keeps you sane. I use the app on a daily basis. - Mark Tigchelaar (UseClark; brain & speed reading expert)